Real-Life Spider-Man Will Soar Above Disney’s Marvel Land

Disney announced that Spider-Man will be soaring above guests' heads in Avengers Campus opening this summer in Disneyland California Adventure Park.


Spider-Man swings to life at the Avengers Campus as Disney announces that he will soon soar above guests' heads in Disneyland's California Adventure. Disney has been working hard over the past few years to update the happiest place on Earth, by adding attractions based on some of their most popular characters. Guests are able to pilot the Millennium Falcon, build their own lightsaber, and grab a drink at Oga's Cantina in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, now open at Disney World in Florida and Disneyland California. Toy Story Land opened in Walt Disney Studios Park in France, Hong Kong Disneyland, Shanghai Disneyland, and Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida, featuring a new roller coaster from the perspective of Slinky Dog.

The next installment of the Disneyland expansion is Avengers Campus. The campus will be recruiting guests to become the next batch of Marvel superheroes. Spider-Man will get his own attraction called Worldwide Engineering Brigade (also known as "WEB"), founded by Tony Stark, where Spider-Man will show guests how to drive the Web Slinger— a new vehicle designed to shoot webs like Spider-Man. Guests will also be able to meet, and team up with, their favorite Marvel hero. Characters like Black Widow, Doctor Strange, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther and more are all expected to appear in "Heroic Encounters" throughout the campus. They can even see these heroes in action at Avengers Headquarters. After all of that excitement, guests can refuel at Pym Test Kitchen, where they can try super-small or super-sized foods.


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Creative executive Scot Drake announced on the Disney Parks blog that in addition to having a dedicated attraction, Spider-Man will be swinging from the rooftops of the Avengers Campus. Tinker Bell is the only other Disney character who has gone airborne in the park (unless you count Dumbo.) However, unlike Tinker Bell, the Spider-Man seen soaring through the sky will be an animatronic capable of doing acrobatics beyond human abilities. Disney has released never-before-seen footage of the animatronic web-crawler in action.

Disney previously teased the Spider-Man animatronic in a test video shown at the end of Disney+ documentary Imagineering. The Spider-Man animatronic will be wearing his new costume as he swings above the Anaheim-based theme park. The costume was designed at Tony Stark's WEB and gives Spidey some new abilities. The new costume has a sleeker, more grown-up look that symbolizes how Spider-Man has matured throughout the course of his Marvel narrative.



Disney constantly revamping its parks is a smart business move. It allows younger guests an opportunity to interact with characters they love, and provides Disney veterans with a reason to keep coming back. While Disney has owned Marvel for some time now, the launch of Disney+ and its selection of Marvel movies put the heroes front and center for fans. Inaugurating the Marvel Universe into the Disney Parks is great and an important step to Disney fulling embracing the spirit of the universe. Guests can experience Avengers Campus and Spider-Man soaring above Disneyland California this summer.

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Source: Disney Parks Blog




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