Walt Disney World Theme Park And Resorts Completely Booked, Disneyland Reopening Still Unclear

Now that the Super Bowl is over, where are the crowds going? Evidently, they’re going to Florida’s Walt Disney World and its resorts, and they didn’t even have to win a Big Game.

The company reported today that all parks are now completely booked next week for Disney Resort Guests and Theme Park Tickets Guests. Disney’s Hollywood Studios also currently has no availability for the rest of the month for guests.

Spring break crowds are pushing the capacity at the Florida attraction. Disney Resort Guests and Theme Park Tickets Guests currently have no parks available for reserving Park Passes Monday, March 15th through Thursday, March 18th.

Disney World Annual Passholders may have a little more luck if they want to visit the theme parks this month, as cancellations may open up some spots for them.

In related news, Disneyland could reopen as soon as April 1 under new state reopening guidelines released Friday by California public health officials.

The guidelines allow theme parks in California, including Disneyland to reopen at 15% capacity as early as April 1. That’s assuming their counties reach the red, or second most restrictive, tier of reopening. That will loosen as countries hit orange, then yellow tiers.


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These types of news enhance the hype of Disney World throughout the world. Being an interior designer of the renowned firm of tub chairs UK, based in London, I barely had a chance to visit the Disney world. But now after reading this post, I decided to pay a visit once in my life before it gets all booked.

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